Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring, Glorious Spring!!

I LOVE Spring. Leaving the cold of Winter behind, the hope of warmer days to come, the renewal of life we see all around us, and being able to go OUTSIDE with the kids!!! My oldest sis Sherri and her fam came up over the weekend. We took the kids to a COOL place called Castle Park. The weather couldn't have been more pleasant--upper 60's/low 70's with just a slight breeze. The kids had a blast running, swinging, playing, and exploring. Other than the 20 minutes we couldn't find my 9 y.o. (we found him in the "dungeon" area of the park!), we thoroughly enjoyed the whole outing!
Other exciting news and happenings: Nate got his cast off for good!!!! He has a "totally sweet" removable black arm brace that he will wear for another few weeks, just to keep his bone protected for a bit longer. One of his happiest moments in weeks was being able to put his arm IN the bath water!! Nate's a tubby boy, and it has been really frustrating to have to keep his arm wrapped in plastic bags/duct tape and above his head while he bathed.
The highlight of our weekend was attending a production called "Joseph Smith, the Prophet" put on by members of our Stake. It was an INCREDIBLE performance giving tribute to this latter-day prophet. I have no idea why I even put make-up on--I cried my eyes out all evening!! We took Alex and Nate with us and they enjoyed it as well. The choir rehearsed every Sunday for 3 months, plus extra rehearsals the week of, so it was a very time-intensive thing. They did an absolutely outstanding job. They also had the neatest displays up with early 1800's period items--dresses, baby clothes/shoes, barrels, and many other items of interest. The whole evening was completely delightful.

And finally, my sweet Cam Cam has cornered me into giving him a solid date for when he gets a pet turtle (or two)!! He hounds me relentlessly on many things: how many more days til...(the next person's b-day, til we get to go to McDonald's again, etc. etc. etc.!), and he recently remembered that we promised the boys they could get pets once we moved in to our new house. Ummm, yeah. We moved in last June and we still don't have any pets!! I now have a firm deadline: there must be turtles in the house on the last day of school (hence the turtle-stamped countdown chain!!! 40 days left and counting...)
Nate's teacher at school has a big tank with 4 or 5 turtles in it, and Cameron LOVES to go in and see them whenever he can. I now need to pick his teacher's brain about all the details of owning turtles--what/when to feed them, when they need to get in/out of the water, etc. You can actually order baby turtles through the internet (the turtles you can buy at the pet shop are full-grown), so we'll be making that purchase soon!! Wish us luck and PLEASE let me know if you've ever owned turtles and can offer any advice!! The one thing that consoles me for the turtle's sake is that he has a very hard, TOUGH shell. In this crazy family, he will need it to survive!


Erin Smith said...

I used to have a turtle until I let it out to play in the yard. Advice, turtles are faster than you would think so don't leave them unattended.

Velta said...

LOL...about the turtle...Great pics of your fun day!

Jenny Kapp said...

Good luck with the turtle. That seems like a pretty easy pet (if pets can be easy). You have cute kids!

Diana H said...

Ok amazing mom, did you stamp all the turtle links or did Cameron? What a fun craft to help pass the time.

Marilyn said...

I totally love reading your blog - you are so fun and genuine and I feel like I've known you forever! I am thinking about going to convention and I would love to meet up with you if I get to go! I'll be talking to hubby about it this weekend. And - good luck with the turtle and Happy Birthday to your son - my oldest just turned 12 in March - I'm like you - WHERE has time gone??