Friday, December 14, 2007

Eliot Moose is on the Loose!

A bit of background on my fam:

I'm the 2nd of 6 girls. My older sis Sherri and the sis just younger than me, Monica, were both expecting boys at the same time (due 2 weeks apart) this past year. Well, those 2 little munchkins decided on their own to make their grand appearance on the SAME day!!! We call them "brothers of anotha mother"!

Six weeks after Michael and Eliot were born, my sis Monica, her DH Grant, and Eliot (top picture) moved up to Oregon so Grant could start law school. We were all VERY sad about this event, but they've done a great job keeping us updated on Eliot's progress and growth thru webcam calls and their blog

And *grow* he has! I actually came up with the nickname "Eliot Moose" before he was even born (there's a cartoon on HDTV called Eliot Moose--he even has a "theme" song that we sing for him!), but the 'Moose' aspect of the nickname turned out to be perfect! He hit 16 pounds when he was only about 3 mos. old! He's a big, tough kid (as is his cousin Mikey baby)!

Grant finished his first semester and they came home for the holidays this past weekend. I got to spend Tuesday with my sweet Eliot and a bunch of my family. We had a wonderful time eating lunch and taking pictures of the 2 boys together.

I just *heart* those chubby babies!!!

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Carolyn King said...

oh my! This is the cutest story. I love it. I am the seventh of eight children (six girls and one boy) so i understand the growing up girls thing. My sis and I had children around the same time and it was so much fun....still is!

Enjoy those times!!!