Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Busy, busy

Don't know about everyone else, but life is just sooo busy right now! I have umpteen loads of laundry waiting for me behind closed doors, a sweet 3 y.o. daughter who, if she had her way, would sing songs, play dolls, and read books with me all day long! Then my social bug Kindergartener gets home and wants to know what play date I've set up for him-EVERY day. My two oldest boys are in an advanced school program called Spectrum, which, of course, means that I'M in the same program!

My 5th grader, Alex, is particularly busy. We (and I truly mean WE!) just finished up a big project called "Images of Greatness" where they chose a famous individual from American history to learn all about. It involved many, many smaller projects and then culminated last Thursday night at "The Main Event" where they dressed as their person, recited a poem, and presented a posterboard that took a LOT of work (yeah, that was pretty much an all-nighter on my part!) The teacher liked his poster so much that she bought it from us to keep and show her future classes how an exceptional poster looks. I *guess* that makes up for the lack of sleep??

Well, as I type this, I'm running late to pick up my 5 y.o. and one of his many girlfriends who is coming over for a play date today. One of these millenia I'll find 2 seconds to sit down and stamp something!!! Have a wonderful day.


Stacy said...

Yep. I am busy too but where am I? Doing the cleaning I should be? Nope I'm on the computer! SHHH Don't tell anyone! LOL There is always tomorrow!

Lori J said...

Great picture! I think the world in whole is busier these days. You just have to remember to schedule time for yourself, too!

Rosella said...

Oh my goodness! Where do you get the energy! BRAVO! I guess when your kids need you, you just have it.
As to the potty training, it did not run all the smoothly to start off with. We had to try several times. My DS is 3 too. in the beginning it seemed as if he just did not get it. He'd be on the toilet constantly even though he did not need to go, and if I went to do something else, he'd make a puddle. Now I actually had to take pull-ups to the aide. Something I didn't think would work. Last Sat. my DH wanted to take me out to see a movie (doesn't happen often), and my ds had several accidents during the day. I just couldn't see how I could leave him with my babysitter, so I got pull-ups. Decided to keep him in them, still reminding him constantly to go to the toilet. And it has worked. He has had 2 accidents in the pullups this week. Nights are not mastered yet either.
Don't give up!!
(Sorry for the long post, but I didn't find an email address to send this to you)