Thursday, November 29, 2007

Still Thankful...a week later!

**Project supplies: Mini Comp book from Staples (2/$1.00), paper: bought at Michael's many moons ago in a "slab" combo pack, ribbon: Michael's $1 bin special, baby!, hardware: SU!, flower: Hobby Lobby, stamp: Happy Harmony SAB set from SU!

I was so busy working on the project for my family for Thanksgiving that I didn't even mention anything about the actual holiday!!!

I'm a huge fan of Thanksgiving. It really bothers me when everyone goes straight from Halloween decor to Christmas, as if this awesome holiday wasn't important enough to get it's day in the sun (or in Utah's case, clouds and snow!).

We really should live every day with a heart full of thanks, not just make a big deal out of it once a year and then move on. I've tried hard, especially lately, to really count my blessings and see how blessed I am in my life.

Along these lines, I decided to make a gratitude journal for myself and my entire family (well, everyone who is old enough to write!). Here's a picture of one of them....I went with a unique design for each one, as each person in my family is very unique in their own right! The rest of the pictures are on my sis's camera, as I was sooo brilliant and left mine home in our rush to get over to my mom's house on turkey day. There were over 20 total. I'll post the rest to my SCS gallery when my sis sends them.

Enjoy and don't forget to be grateful EVERY day!


Lesa said...

This is wonderful! I wish everyone could stop and be Thankful for what they have. I think the human in us tends to bring out the selfishness. We must all take time to be grateful for our blessings and the gifts God gives us each and every day! Wow, I was given another day here on this earth, how awesome is that? With all the pain and suffering on this earth today, we need to take that time each day! Thanks for sharing!

Lorraine said...

I too love Thanksgiving. It is probably my favorite holiday! when my kids were younger and in public school there was always a problem with how we could celebrate the i decided to take over Thanksgiving and have made Turkey Dinners for all of their classes for 6 years in a row! I'm so glad they are in high school now and i no longer do this. it's a holiday that almost everyone celebrates and should remind all of us to be thankful.

Marilyn said...

Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday too! I totally agree with what you said about Halloween and then Christmas - things are so materialistic!! Your journal is such a great idea - I have tons of them that I've created - thanks for the inspiration - I do need to write down what I am thankful for - so VERY much in fact!! God is GOOD!

Stampin' Meg said...

I love love that old Slab paper- I wish that the new ones werre as nice as those old ones. Great book!

Becky said...

Hey Lis,

Just thought I would let you kow that I love my little journal. I totally agree that Thanksgiving is much too important to be overlooked. There is so much to be grateful for and I every year I realized just how much.


Niki said...

Love the composition book! Great colors and design!

Lori J said...

Cute card. I like the way you did the buckle. :0)