Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Life can turn on a dime

Hey Everybody.

Sorry it's been a week since posting--we've had A LOT going on.

Unfortunately, not all of the goings on are good. We received the news that my Father-in-Law has advanced prostate cancer. They're praying for a miracle, but based on the prognosis, that's what it would take to save him at this point.

We've got lots of emotions right now. Since the news only came late last week, I think the main thing is still shock. He's only 59 years old. And there's a bunch of other things going on in my hubby's family right now that only add to the tension.

Sam and I laid awake for a long time talking last night, trying to make sense of it all--trying to figure out God's purpose in everything happening. All we came to is that there's a reason for everything, God is aware of us and won't give us more than we can handle (although I do believe he takes us right to the edge sometimes!!!), and most importantly, it has reminded us again of how very fragile life is and how important it is that we cherish every moment with our loved ones.

Sorry for the downer post. I'm just still swirling in a sea of emotion trying to sort through it all. Thanks for being there for me, even if it's only on-line. I appreciate all of your comments so much--you have no idea how they make my day. I'll keep you all posted...


Robyn said...

Dear Melissa,

Hugs to you and your family. You will be in my thoughts. My FIL also had Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, & skin cancer. He did get through all of those but now he doesn't think he has many more years of life left. It's very sad to think about but also I know that Heavenly Father can use him more on the other side. They have done many marvelous things while on the earth and I know he will do many more on the other side.

Stay strong. Keep your faith. Read a lot of church books and Conference talks. You both might be very sad and that is normal but remember the big picture. I think we are the saddest because we know that "we" will personally miss them.

I hope you have a better day. Hugs to you!

Marilyn said...

So sorry to hear about this Melissa - I know what a shock it is to realize someone you love very much has cancer. God however is still in the miracle working business, and I'll be praying that he works out a miracle in your life. Keeping you and your family in my prayers!

Lesa said...

Oh how horrible! Robyn was right on in her words. God does have a greater plan and our goal is to get back to him. We have a sweet 11 year old boy on our street who is fighting leukemia for the second time in his life. They had just got through saying it had been so long since he had had it that it looked like he was cured. All of a sudden, (a couple of months later) Wham, it was back. They almost lost him this past week because he got an infection and e-coli. He has no immune system so his body started to shut down. I hate cancer. You are in my prayers. I hope your family can find the peace that they need to get through all of this.

Kerry J. said...

Melissa I'm so sorry! Praying for you and your family -especially your FIL.

Lorraine said...

((((Hugs)))) your week sounds alot like my week. your family will be in my prayers. so sorry!

JazzyH said...

God is in control and he knows all.

Sending you {{{{HUGS}}}}} You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts.

Lori J said...

Melissa, I'm sure that you are not forgotten in the Lord. He loves each and everyone of us. May you and your family have peace in this time of trial.

Michelle said...

Oh, Melissa, I'm so sorry. My MIL has been suffering with terminal congestive heart failure for a long time, and it's so hard to watch someone you love go through this kind of pain. If you need someone to cry to who is dealing with this right now, let me know.

I will send love and light and say prayers for your father in law. I will pray that whatever the outcome, he doesn't suffer - if he is to be healed, that he will be healed quickly and without great pain, but if he isn't to be healed, that he not suffer any longer than he wants to and that his family can be at peace with whatever happens.

Many hugs.

wiltbank13 said...

Liss, What a shock! Sorry I haven't talked to you lately - especially to hear about your beautiful flowers. I'll give you a call in the morning. I could probably call you now but don't want to scare ya! Hope Nafie's day was a good one. Sherri

Becky said...

I am so sorry to hear about Sam's dad. It is really hard for us to understand what the grand plan for all of us is. I know from plenty of experience that that His will isn't always the way we think it should be.

I will keep the family in my prayers.

Love ya,

Stampin' Meg said...

Oh I am so so sorry to hear about your FIL. Prayers said for him.
Hugs to you and your family.