Friday, February 22, 2008

Five Faves and a Favor to ask..

I went through the swaps I got on Wednesday and picked a handful of my very favorites...
The first card was made by Tina Larson (tinatuna) - Love her colors and layout!!
2nd card is Debora's (liandrin16) and it's just beautiful and sparkly!
I don't know who created the middle card, but I loved the color combo and pullout card.
4th card was Amy's (amysings)--it's a really cool fold-out card. Very ingenious!
And the last card was made by my darling friend Vicky (TTFN). Her cards are always a work of art--I luv them almost as much as I luv my sweet friend!!
Here's where the favor comes in....
For those of you who use blogspot, could you post a message here and tell me how on earth I get the text intermixed with the pictures? I would have loved to be able to indicate right below each pic who made it, but for some reason it never lets me do that. Do I have to pick something in the format to allow that? Thanks in advance for your help!!
Thanks to all who read my blog--it really does make my day to come and find more comments!!
Hugs to all!!


Becky said...

Hey Lis, I am such a dork! You asked me that once and I completely spaced it. There may be an easier way than my method but when I upload a picture it automatically goes to the top of the post. I just highlight the all the picture info (don't know the correct term for it) and copy and paste it where I want it. I hope that makes sense. If there is some magical something I haven't located to put it there as you are doing the blog I would love to know what it is.

Marilyn said...

Love these card swaps - they are wonderful - hope Becky's suggestion helps - I don't know anything about blogspot as I have typepad!

Lesa said...

These are all beautiful! I see why they are your fav's. Now the dork in me will show. I just ask my kids and they help when I don't get the computer stuff. Pretty sad huh? Ya and I don't know how to splain nothing either. I think when you first sign into blogger you can click on help and it will let you ask questions. I would try there. Have a great weekend!

Laurie Unger said...

Becky's way is what I do, too. You'll get it through trial and error! LOL...Anyway, lovely cards from your swap!

Velta said...

Geez those pink cards below are just stunning...of course I love these latest ones also...When I upload the picture of my card and hit DONE. The pic goes to the top because I have pre set it to go in the center. I then just go to the bottom of the pic and start typing. I hope this is what you were looking for...but I'm a dork also :)

Eliot's Mom said...

Yes to all of the suggestions that you've gotten. Sometimes if I'm not a spaced-out, low-on-sleep mommy and can actually think ahead enough to plan, I actually put the photo I want at the bottom first and type underneath it, and then work my way up, since the pictures (as everyone else has said) default to post at the top. Hope that helps. I'll be interested if you can figure out a smarter, less make-shift way (and I know you can!). Love ya Sis! And watch out, because there's about to be a moose on the loose in Utah! :) See ya in a few! XOXO, Monica

Alana said...

What beautiful cards! I love the first one's color combo, but they are all so pretty that I'd take them all! I sometimes do it Becky's way--in the html editing mode. You'll see the code that's a paragraph long for the picture, and just cut and paste it. Sometimes I try dragging the picture in the compose mode into the place I want, but it rarely works out right because the compose window and actual blog space are different sizes. HTH.

Vicky said...

You're so sweet! Everyone is flipping over your card here too!! A friend said just last night that she would have been pleased just to get the inside card!! Everyone is asking how you got the scalloped embossed edge!

ktstamps said...

Your blog is awesome...Your cards are fabulous! Your story on your son was great! WOW! I am glad he is doing great and is in GREEN!
Take care! Again, your cards are fubulous! kt